Lost Sentences


As I've been reading over the past few days I've found myself forgetting that the characters in my book aren't on lockdown. I keep being surprised that they're free to leave the house and meet other people.

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Last night we joined our neighbours in a round of applause for the NHS staff working tirelessly to keep us safe and well.

As 8PM approached the street was silent. We opened our door. A door opened across the road. Then another, and another. In the distance we could hear cheers and we started to clap. The sound grew. A chain reaction. There were fireworks in the distance.

This was a community joining together as a sign of solidarity.

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Earlier this morning I was congratulating myself for keeping a handle on what day it is. I even remembered to put the bins out for collection yesterday.

Then I put today's day and date in my diary as Wednesday 27 March. Doh!

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Banana loaf: 1

Cherry and almond slice: 1

Dundee cake: 1

Gold and silver cupcakes: 9 of each

New York cheesecake: 1

Last updated: 8 April 2020

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I woke up this morning, stretched and got out of bed. As I walked to the kitchen to make tea the usual narrative started running through my head.

What day is it?

What's for breakfast?

What have I got on today?

For a moment I'd forgotten life is different now. And it was bliss.

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