Lost Sentences


  • Discovering a delicious carrot soup recipe.
  • Richard Osman's weekly alphabet quizzes. To take part you need to subscribe to his newsletter.
  • Celebrating my middle nephew's birthday with family (from afar).
  • An early morning invigorating walk around the neighbourhood.
  • Successfully recreating a friend's recipe for corned beef pie. The ultimate comfort food.

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  • A park on my doorstep.
  • Beer deliveries by bike.
  • Being able to source flour relatively easily. If you've not been so lucky, try local weigh houses or zero waste stores as they're more able, and used to, batching up larger quantities into smaller packets.
  • A decent Internet connection (keeping my fingers' crossed that I've not jinxed it by saying this).
  • My wife, who is able and willing to go to the supermarket.

Tags: #gratitude #april2020 #cv19 #lockdown

Thanks Cards Against Humanity for bringing some joy to my day.

I don’t have any kids. Should I download this?

If you have a pure soul and a smile in your heart: yes.

From Cards Against Humanity Family Edition via Thought Shrapnel Weekly

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Started on Tuesday 24 March 2020

Finished on Wednesday 1 April 2020

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