Lost Sentences



Cracking covers

There is an art to a good cover version. I think the best cross genres. Here are 3 of my favourites (in the order I discovered them)…

Travis covering Britney Spear’s Baby One More Time


The Civil Wars covering Michael Jackson’s Billie Jean


Emily Asen covering Gnarls Barkley’s Crazy

The power of empathy

More wonderful and inspirational words from Brené Brown. Just watch:

Leveraging the kindness of strangers

I used to read the Sunday Secrets religiously but have taken a break for the past year or so. After watching this TED talk by PostSecret founder Frank Warren I’m back with the Sunday Secret ritual:

The power of vulnerability – Brené Brown

I first came across this TED Talk over a month ago when I saw this tweet:

I have this TED talk pretty much on speed dial:…

— Beck Tench (@10ch) January 5, 2012

I bookmarked the link but have only just got around to watching the talk, and now I can really see why you would have it on speed dial – I want to watch it every day. Immediately after watching it I tweeted the link and proclaimed Brené Brown my new hero.

Check it out, this is 20 minutes well spent:

If you want to find out more about Brené Brown and her research you can read her blog and follow her on Twitter.

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