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Grace in small things 3/2017

The start of Spring is my favourite time of year. It’s easy to see lots to be thankful for in nature during March and April. We’ve been lucky in the North East that this year it’s come coupled with sunshine.

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Grace in small things 2/2017

February passed in the flash of an eye. It left behind lots of happy memories and reasons to be cheerful.

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Grace in small things 1/2017

January is a hard month. Coming straight after the fun and frolics of Christmas, it’s dark and cold. And oh so long. This year with despots and appeasers in power January seemed at its darkest, and there’s no sign the lights will be switched back on anytime soon. It seems therefore even more important to take note of the small, everyday things that keep us going.

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Grace in small things #10

The start of the new academic year and new hockey season is upon us. I’m trying to not let the sudden shift in the pace of life overwhelm me.

To do this, I’m remembering the things that I’ve been grateful for over the last few weeks:

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Grace in small things #9

Let’s pause. Take stock. Appreciate the small things.

Playing in the park with my nephew

Over the past few weeks these are the things that have been bringing joy to my life:

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Grace in Small Things #8

Today seems like a good day to rekindle my series of grace in small things posts. If you’re new to the blog, check out the origins of grace in small things in my first post from this series.

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Grace in small things #7

Pickled Pick by TASTE.THIS.PICTURE., on Flickr

  • matching my socks to my shirt
  • dancing (yes, this one surprised me too)
  • being sent poems about eggs
  • rediscovering the joy of playing pool (even with the mild disappointment that it’s only luck, not skill, that gets you anywhere)


This post is part of my attempt to recognise the joy of simple pleasures. Inspired by Schmutzie.

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Grace in small things #6

It’s been a while since I’ve taken the time to write a list of the small things I am thankful for. I could go back and fill in the gaps, but it really would be a long list. So here is just a snap shot from the past few days:

1. This cheerful view from my back step


2. A friend who will check in on you when you’re unwell and make you toast

3. A relaxed day spent with friends who arrive for breakfast and don’t leave until midnight

4. Starting a new book

5. Four day weekends

6. World championship snooker

Grace in small things #5

Em's home

  • Getting the keys to a home of my very own

  • Taking time to pick out new items (both practical and pretty) to put in said new home

  • Receiving thoughtful house warming cards and gifts

  • Not having to fight for use of a shared living space and having friends over whenever I want

  • Watching all three Six Nations matches in a weekend, because I can!

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