February passed in the flash of an eye. It left behind lots of happy memories and reasons to be cheerful.

I spent a few days in London. It’s amazing what time out in a different city can do for the soul. I had time on my hands which I spent wandering with no purpose and getting engrossed in various exhibitions and galleries.

While in London I caught up with some old friends. We spent the afternoon chatting over coffee and finished up recording a ‘This is Your Life’ style video for a former colleague on a street corner in Soho.

I visited family for my nephew’s third birthday party. He took me on adventures – we sailed across the high seas, became pirates, went on holiday and swam in a pond. Isn’t imagination a wonderful thing?

At home, I had some quality bro’ time with my buddy. We played table tennis, darts, pool and cards. And drank beer, of course.