January is a hard month. Coming straight after the fun and frolics of Christmas, it’s dark and cold. And oh so long. This year with despots and appeasers in power January seemed at its darkest, and there’s no sign the lights will be switched back on anytime soon. It seems therefore even more important to take note of the small, everyday things that keep us going.

So far this year, they have been:

  • FaceTime with my nephews
  • 90s nostalgia with my bro, thanks to Spotify playlists
  • starting a new art project, mapping the north east’s modernist architecture
  • indulging in early nights and watching TV in bed (while we decorate the living room)
  • getting into the habit of reading for half an hour in the morning
  • discovering running again

This post is part of my attempt to recognise the joy of simple pleasures. Inspired by Elan Morgan.