Friendly frogs

Earlier this week I observed that this blog is developing a bit of a split personality. All my posts lately have been either about film or food. I wonder what those of you following here feel about that – if you follow for the film reviews do you care about the recipes? Do you read them? Do you simply ignore them? Or do they really annoy you? And likewise, if you’re here for the food, what do you think of the film reviews?

When I mentioned this last night to a friend, she suggested I try writing about something else entirely. And why to continue with the Fs and go for frogs? At first I was sceptical. What is there to write about frogs?

Then I remembered the waving frogs I saw on David Attenborough’s Life in Cold Blood. For some reason they really fascinates me, and thanks to the BBC here’s a clip:

By pure coincidence, another friend shared this photo with me last night. It was then I knew that writing about frogs was clearly meant to be.

Freddie the frog

This is Freddie, not to be confused with Freddo. I very much doubt they’d taste the same. Which leads me nicely to my favourite frog quote, which a former colleague shared with me:

Eat the ugly frog first.

It’s something to live by and a great productivity tip, for both work and home – always get the horrible jobs over and done with first before moving on to the easier or more enjoyable tasks.

I hoped you’ve enjoyed this break in subject matter. Normal service will resume soon.

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I am a freelance writer, editor and trainer. A librarian in a former life.

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