Much Ado About Nothing, 2013 – ★★★★

I’m not a massive Joss Whedon fan and when I first heard he was taking on Shakespeare I had no desperate urge to see the result. Then I saw the trailer and there was something about it, that I can’t put a finger on, that caught my interest. I find it is often the films that you have no expectations of that blow you away, and this might just be one of them. It was a totally awesome cinema experience. Everyone in the audience was up for a good time and there was a great atmosphere in the theatre.

I have seen a lot of Shakespeare adaptations, but not many of the comedies. This was truly delightful. It’s difficult to know how much of that to attribute to the original source material and how much credit to give Whedon. At first I found the language difficult to get to grips with, and I was worried 10 minutes in that I’d made a terrible mistake. Before long though I was captivated and the time passed like a flash. The timing and delivery of the comedy was superb. I rarely laugh out loud at films, but with this I found it to be an almost involuntary response.

Vía Letterboxd – ekcragg

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