Discoveries from Cropredy

I spent this past weekend at Fairport’s Cropredy Convention and I discovered some great new music. Here are my top three (in the order they played the festival):

1. Ellen and the Escapades
I was really taken with Ellen and the Escapades. Their music has a familiarity that I like – this was the first time I had heard them, yet their songs felt like old favourites. Their album, All the Crooked Scenes, is on my shopping list.

2. Larkin Poe
This band really divided our group. Some of us (including me) loved them, some of us were what can only be described as ambivalent. I’ve been listening to them more this week and thanks to have now found even more musical delights in this genre, including Frazey Ford and Romi Mayes.

3. Brother and Bones
Before the festival if you had played me Brother and Bones I’m not sure I would have said I liked them. After their performance however I can tell you they are a great live band and if you get the chance to see them I would highly recommend it.

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